Network Performance Management vs Monitoring

Internet Network Performance

As a modern business owner in a fast-moving, digitally-driven marketplace, you know that you and your employees need high performance networks if you want to remain competitive. Effective network performance management and monitoring can help!

But what is network performance management and monitoring? How can these processes help you strengthen network performance so your business can boost productivity and profitability through reliable access to cloud applications? Get ready to find out.

What is Network Performance Management?

According to Techopedia, network performance management is a term for the “collective techniques that enable, manage, and ensure optimal performance levels of a computer network.”

This process requires the performance and quality service level of each network device and component to be constantly monitored (which we’ll get to shortly), and takes performance metrics across all the network at a granular level. It then reviews metrics from the device to measure performance for each individual port. Some key factors in network performance management may include:

  • Network delays
  • Throughput
  • Packet losses
  • Packet transmission
  • Error rate

What is Network Performance Monitoring?

According to Techopedia, network performance monitoring is a “routine process to evaluate, analyze, report, and track on the performance of a computer network.”

Network performance monitoring allows network administrators and managers to keep track of the overall performance, quality, and reliability of their network service delivery. This process is conducted through network monitoring software or other performance monitoring tools that can provide statistical insight and metrics into network performance, which may include:

  • Network availability and response time
  • Network download and upload speeds
  • Network delays

Once these metrics reach or are about to reach their minimum or maximum threshold, network administrators will be alerted. This way, they can take preventative measures or remedy the situation to ensure the network can go back to operaterating at optimum performance levels.

Network Performance Management vs Network Performance Monitoring

Network performance monitoring helps to identify bottlenecks in network performance, while network performance management is the process of ensuring those problems are mitigated so that the network can be restored back to the required performance level.

Why is Network Performance Management and Monitoring Important for My Business?

Optimizing network performance is a key component of any ongoing digital transformation, which may include initiatives such as data center consolidation, virtualization, and cloud migration. For these initiatives to be successful, you need secure, reliable, and fast network connectivity. So, network performance management and monitoring is absolutely necessary for any modern business looking to remain competitive in our digitally-driven business landscape.

By using network performance tools to monitor your computer network’s usage and check for slow or failing systems, you’ll be immediately notified of any performance issues or outages that may not initially be recognized by your staff. Network performance monitoring allows you to quickly identify exactly which device is giving you a problem—preventing you from wasting valuable time and resources just trying to diagnose what is wrong before you can even start fixing it.

This will help prevent service disruptions and reduce mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) when a problem does occur. Through network performance management, your internal IT team or third-party partner will frequently be able to identify and fix a network issue before users are even aware of it!

Network performance management and monitoring will also help your business save a lot of money over time. It reduces the risk of network disruption that can bring business to a halt—which can negatively impact productivity, frustrate both your employees and your customers, and ultimately affect your revenue.

Plus, because network performance monitoring is a constant process, it can also be a valuable way to identify and track patterns and trends in your network performance that would be difficult to recognize on your own. For example, you can monitor how a particular device is operating over time to identify patterns that could mean it is running near its limit and needs to be changed. Then, you can plan ahead and allocate resources to make any necessary changes as quickly as possible without breaking the bank!

The bottom line? Having high performance networks can reduce frustration for your IT team, improve the user experience for your employees, lower expenses, and boost productivity by ensuring your users always have reliable, secure access to the cloud applications and business tools you rely on to get the job done!

Network Performance Monitoring Software and Performance Monitoring Tools

There are nearly endless options out there when it comes to network performance monitoring tools, software, and vendors. To keep up with an ever-evolving IT industry, new software and tools with the latest and greatest capabilities and security features are constantly being launched. They will enable you to strengthen network performance and get the most out of your network plan!

The performance monitoring tools you choose to utilize in your own business will depend on your network usage, budget, needs, and goals. Check out this list of the best network monitoring tools and software of 2019 to get some ideas of where to start and what networking monitoring solution may be right for you!  Or, you can reach out to AVAIL and let us provide you with our solutions that can monitor and manage your network for you around the clock.

How Intelligent Cloud Access Improves Reliability and Speed for Cloud Applications

If your business is constantly plagued with slow internet connectivity, network performance issues, and spotty access to cloud applications, you won’t be able to have a successful digital transformation and be a truly mobile, modern business.

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