PremierComm Merges with AVAIL Technology Solutions to Redefine Cloud Transformations and Modern Communication Systems

We are excited to announce that as of February 1, 2020, PremierComm has merged with AVAIL Technology Solutions! The newly combined company will be led by Jason Cadwalader who will act as President/CTO as he carries the AVAIL brand to the next level. 

For over a quarter-century, PremierComm has been offering Information Technology services for small businesses, multi-location companies, and enterprise-level infrastructure in the PA, MD, DE, NJ, NY, and OH areas with its offices located in Lancaster, PA.

Throughout the years, PremierComm has aimed to help industry-leading businesses achieve exceptional customer responsiveness, work efficiencies, revenue growth, and cost savings through converged voice and data networks. It’s done so by providing expertise in integrating existing or new networking systems and applications into its customer’s network. This was all successfully completed without disrupting business operations, processes, and personnel. 

As companies grew and requirements changed, PremierComm was a trusted partner to its clients every step of the way. It offered robust and flexible data management through multi-channel network solutions that maximized efficiency, boosted productivity, and increased profitability. These included collaboration, connectivity, infrastructure, cybersecurity, Cloudcare, staffing, and data center solutions, just to name a few. 

Paired with AVAIL’s comprehensive solutions for cloud success, including intelligent cloud access, Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), and managed IT services, businesses will now be able to find all the tools they might want to leverage in order to become a truly modern, mobile organization—all in one convenient place. 

Support for on-premise Cisco solutions will continue with no changes for those that choose to stay on that route!

Merging together the solutions of AVAIL and PremierComm adds additional value to our customers by allowing businesses that want to transition to the cloud and modern communication system to do so through just one provider. This will minimize errors, reduce miscommunication, and keep costs lower compared to having various providers for different digital services. But, base customers can certainly continue to stay with Cisco’s on-premise solutions if they desire.

PremierComm is committed to delivering technical and service excellence, quality, and reliability while containing costs and maximizing ROI. Combined with its core values of accountability, character, and community, PremierComm is already aligned with AVAIL’s missions and core values in a variety of ways. 

PremierComm and AVAIL are also united in their commitment to not only deliver a one-off solution or product, but rather to be a long-term partner throughout the entire digital transformation process. At AVAIL, we also take the time to uncover our client’s deeper needs so they can experience measurable business outcomes, more productive and engaged employees, and higher profit margins that help them meet their long-term goals. As two customer-based companies, our dedication to this approach will only get stronger after the upcoming merger! 

The AVAIL team is incredibly excited to have PremierComm’s experience and expertise on our side as we continue to help modern companies streamline their cloud based applications, communication systems, and data networks! We will continue to offer the same transparent, cost-effective pricing, cutting-edge solutions, and superior customer service our customers have come to expect from us. 

About AVAIL Technology Solutions

AVAIL Technology Solutions is focused on delivering a better user experience when leveraging cloud based applications, with a specific focus on online collaboration tools. AVAIL’s mission is to transform its client’s user experience for cloud based applications and online collaboration tools through simplified internet connectivity solutions, including: intelligent cloud access, Unified Communications as a Service, and managed IT services.